Life Is A Marathon And You 're Still At The Store Buying Your Running Shoes

Life Is A Marathon And You 're Still At The Store Buying Your Running Shoes

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“Life is a marathon and you 're still at the store buying your running shoes." I was sitting in class in ninth grade zoning out when my global history teacher approached and told me that. Those words hit me hard, and for the first time I felt shame. I was never the brightest student in my family, always stuck in the shadow of my overachieving sister. I didn’t take school seriously. I figured there was no point in pursuing an education if I was going to join my father in his food business.
My parents are emigrants from Uzbekistan who came to America in search of a brighter future for my sister and me, as well as to escape religious persecution from Muslim extremists. Unfortunately, the migration to America struck my family with financial woes that have been extremely difficult to overcome. My goal was to become financially independent from my family as quickly as possible. This had become a time old tradition for the men of the family spanning back over five generations; finish grade school and find a job where you can make a decent living and raise a family. Little did I know, I would be the first to break this cycle.
That moment in class was the first time anyone had asked me what I wanted to do with my life. The teacher went on to tell me that everyone has the potential to do something great in life and it was a shame watching me throw it away for nothing. That night, I set a goal for myself. I had to become serious. I recognized that there was more to life than merely making a living. If I was going to pursue anything, it would have to be something that I am passionate about, and something that would make a difference.
I began by paying attention in class, improving my grades, registering for extra electives for the following ...

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...a field where doctors use facile explanations of illnesses to their patients. Patients often don’t understand the full extent of their illness and neither do their loved ones. It is important for doctors to have the ability to sympathize with their patients. After our conversation, the patient had become significantly more cooperative with the staff. It was such a motivating and educational experience to see how a volunteer, of all people, could improve the standard of care for a patient.
My heart and soul are set on becoming a doctor. Given the chance, I am certain that I will be a successful physician because of my passion towards the sciences, commitment to healthcare, and intimacy with patient communication. Learning the art of healing is something to be revered and sought after and I am willing to do whatever it takes to become a humble and respected physician.

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