Essay Life Extension Has A Positive Impact On The Environment

Essay Life Extension Has A Positive Impact On The Environment

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Life extension has been one of the biggest mysteries to solve throughout history, not only in America but all around the world. Throughout history, scientist tried different ways, through pills and injections, to master “life extension” and failed. However in recent studies, scientists have been trying to prolong the aging process so that humans can live up to an average of 150 years and with the advancement of technology, life extension has been becoming more realistic and more probable for mankind. Therefore, life extension will have a profound impact on the environment due to the sudden rise of the human population. Although, it may appear initially, as if life extension has a positive impact on the environment, the scientific results show that it actually has a negative effect.
According to Max Moore, cofounder and chairman of Extropy Institute, “The prospect of life extension raises fears of overpopulation. [...] argues we should focus on reducing births, not on raising or maintaining death, since population growth and pollution are slowing down [...]” (Moore, Max). Globally, overpopulation is the most important environmental issue. ConserveEnergyFuture, educational- environmental website, talked about how overpopulation, due to life extension, “causes air pollution, a rise in the amount of carbon dioxide emissions, which leads to global warming, melting ice caps and climate changes” (“Overpopulation: Causes, Effects and Solutions”). The EPA states that “toxic air pollutants […] can damage trees, crops, wildlife, and bodies of water” ("Why Should You Be Concerned About Air Pollution?"). An increase in pollution in the air will not only harm the environment, but it will affect the atmosphere by “the burning of fossil fuels and...

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...t include the trees, the water, and the atmosphere, but it can also include the working and learning environment. Because everybody will live on average an extra 50 years, the government will have to raise the retirement age from 65 to as high as 80. So from the perspective of the government, they may find it hard to raise the age and create more jobs. Therefore, the working environment will be negatively affected because the more people there are, the harder it is to find a job, which could lead to more unemployment.
Life extension may allow people to spend more time living a happy life, but the only way we can make sure that our future generations is protected is by not practicing life extension. Instead of figuring out ways to slow down the aging process, doctors should try to figure out ways to cure deadly diseases and scientists should try to solve world hunger.

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