Liberal Arts Colleges And Their Education Essay

Liberal Arts Colleges And Their Education Essay

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A crucial topic being debated on in today’s society is core principles and disciplines. When debated and discussed, these two immense topics bring up discussion on liberal art colleges and their education. “Liberal Arts” can be translated in many different ways depending on perspectives. So what exactly is a liberal arts college/education? Patrick Connelly states, “A liberal arts college is a college with an emphasis on undergraduate study in the liberal arts and sciences. It aims to impart a broad general knowledge and develop general intellectual capacities for students” (Pg.18). Students who attend liberal art colleges experience broad and vast knowledge to create intellectual capacities that public universities will not provide. Essentially a liberal arts college gives a selected “Core” education to students to develop their skills and improve their weaknesses. Liberal arts are thought to be extremely necessary or very pointless depending on perspective. For example, two articles by two different authors explain liberal arts in a completely different way and opposite perspectives. The first author wrote, “ Liberal arts lets students explore what they want to do. They find out what they love and what their passion is. It helps them develop and strengthen their weaknesses. Most importantly, it develops intellectual skills that will help them in their future (Kleiman). The second author compared liberal arts to the Aristotle theory of “why” which stated if the goal of the activity was worthwhile, and the activity really was a way to achieve that goal, this would be good evidence that the activity itself was useful. He stated that having a liberal arts degree is pointless because the graduate is going to teach or has no clue...

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...that these students are missing key elements and abilities necessary for the real world. Schools are getting them so prepared for professions so when they do there job, they have a hard time explaining and showing what they did. For example, doctors do a great job of what they were trained to do but when it comes to explaining and communicating their thought process they struggle. There so focused on getting the students money and then sending them on their way. A liberal art education focuses on developing students and giving them those abilities necessary to be successful and well rounded in society. A liberal art education gets students out of their comfort zone so they can experience and find out what they truly love. Many people who disagree with me would say that liberal arts are dying…. I believe that liberal arts are surpassing any other type of education.

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