Essay on Learning Styles : Visual Learner

Essay on Learning Styles : Visual Learner

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Throughout this chapter I have learned that there are several different learning styles, each relating to an individual’s learning ability. The Learning Styles Charts helps to determine an individual’s learning style. This chart measures three learning styles: visual learner (sees to learn), the auditory learner (hears to learn), and the kinaesthetic learner (moves to learn). An auditory learner prefers to learn or learns best by listening. This type of learner will be best able to perform a new task after listening to the instructions. The visual learner learns more easily by reading. All types of visual materials, pictures, symbols, colours, shapes text etc. make it easier for this type of learner to learn. The kinaesthetic – tactile learner likes the physical movement and learns best with the hands on approach ( After I completed some Learning Styles questionnaires I was categorized as having a mild preference towards the visual learning style. I would tend to agree with this assessment as I am a person who loves to read. I will always read the instructions for something first or do research on the internet or with a map before going someplace new. When thinking about trying to prepare a new dish I most often either go through my cookbooks looking for a new recipe or go to the internet to find something new. Then I tend to read through the instructions several times before going ahead and trying it. When I am with a student and we are given an assignment I always will read over the instructions to myself before reading and explaining them to my student.
As well as the preferred learning styles, there are also the favorite thinking styles. The thinking styles have been divided into four separate groups. ...

... middle of paper ...

...elf -regulation, as I can let them control my actions.
Everyone has some part of all the previous learning and emotional styles. Having read this information and taken the quizzes for each section has helped me to learn what kind of learner I am, where my intelligences are, and how my emotions affect me. I have learned what some of my strengths and also my weakness are, and how I might be able to either improve on some of them or use them better both in my jobs and in my life in general. As an Educational Assistant this chapter has been particularly helpful, with the information I have learned I will now be better able to recognize some of the learning styles of the children I work with and will be able to adapt my instructions and assistance to their specific style of learning. Knowing my strengths will allow me to use them to better assist the students as well.

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