Emotional Intelligence: The Five Concepts Of Emotional Intelligence

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What is EQ? Emotional Intelligence is the ability of awareness and understanding of an individual towards the others signal and emotion, in order to display a positive and accurate feedback. Identify effectively human being’s reaction and emotional would prepare the leaders to handle with different situation in an impassive manner. Emotional Intelligence indicate its self in five categories: self-awareness, self-regulation, motivation, empathy, and social skills. 1. Self-awareness: First of all, self-awareness. Self-awareness is the ability of capturing an emotion effectively when it happens. This concept of mind contains Emotional Awareness and Self Confidence. Firstly, emotional awareness is having capability to identify your emotional and…show more content…
As Michael and Grover wrote: “The more skillful you are at discerning the feelings behind others’ signals the better you can control the signals you send them”. This concept is shown through: service orientation, developing others, leveraging diversity, political awareness and understanding others. (( Michael Akers & Grover Porter, n.d.) First of all, service orientation is foreseeing and meeting the clients demands in order to delivering right products to the right target market. Second, developing others is shown when recognizing other abilities and enhancing it towards the achievement. Third, leveraging opportunities is seeking for solution in a diversity environment, in order to receiving diverse solutions to solve variable of challenges. Furthermore, connect and communicate with the team to have the capability in reading the team emotion and power strong and stable relationship. The strongest team is the one that has sustainable connection where they can operate any obstacles usefully. Empathy is also understanding others feeling behind their needs to know that everyone is different and no one should be treated with the same

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