My Personal Learning And Teaching Style And Strategy

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This essay witnesses my personal learning and teaching style and strategy. I aim to set forth the aspects of teaching and learning that I find help me become a better health care professional. Three of the major learning theories are discussed in order to find the skill sets that each bring to the table. By choosing the skills required in a clinical environment we can pick the required strategy accordingly. I believe that a unique combination of the tree theories where each is able to play to its strength and overshadow its weaknesses is the best teaching-learning strategy.

I have discovered that my aptitude as a learner really shines when I am allowed to interact with the subject matter in an active and engaging manner. The concept of lecture as such that it involves only the participation of the teacher feels alien to me. I also feel that my memory requires constant and consistent repetition to remember the necessary factual information so that I can aptly implement it. I find my learning style to be a combination of kinaesthetic and visual styles of learning. The health care profession has certain complexities
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Even if we forget about the environment we still have to consider biology as the unique feature in each of us. We usually don 't take into account the fact that all our learning abilities, our concentration and focus abilities are intricately tied into the chemical processes of our body. Cognitive science tells that our consciousness and mind is not localized but an extension of the higher thinking processes, also known as Embodied cognition (Eleanor Rosch et al., 1991) . So, we need to recognize what process or strategy makes it easier for our mind-body to process information. So, it is important to include the body into any learning strategy we apply. Hence the need to include kinaesthetic or active experience based learning into our teaching

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