Learning Is The Most Basic Form Of Learning Essay

Learning Is The Most Basic Form Of Learning Essay

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Humans do the largest amount of learning during childhood. During this time, not only are survival mechanisms, sensory information, and social awareness developed, but we also began to form beliefs, opinions, and ideals about the world around us and how to react to it. The behaviors that we observe or are taught during the beginning years of life, are the environmental factors that, paired with genetics, shape us into individuals. This is called observational learning and is the most basic form of learning. Human and animals alike are instinctively predispositioned to copy or avoid behaviors based on the good or bad consequences they see when others do them.
On the other hand, operant learning is the process by which it is learned that a certain outcome elicits a responsive consequence. This can teach us if we should or should not recreate that scenario. Some behaviors are a result of the person,a child for instance, simply doing something they have seen done. This is in agreement with the clique, “monkey see, monkey do”. Also, organisms with the ability to learn can be taught through the encouragement of reinforcement or the discouragement of punishment. Positive and negative reinforcement and punishment are terms coined by B. F. Skinner in his theory of operant conditioning. Reinforcing always involves increasing a stimulus, while punishment is the decrease in stimulus. A reinforcement or punishment is classified as positive when something is added, and negative when something is taken away.
Discipline and reward are used to mold children into socially capable people. Parents and teachers alike play a role in the behavior a young person will exhibit, and, although their roles are different, both sets of authoritative adults an...

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...tive outcome or aversive stimulus. This form of conditioning is uncommon in the real world and difficult to illustrate. Perhaps the lessening of homework assignments or a cancellation of a previously planned “bad” stimulus would evoke happiness in the learner as a result of his/her correct behavior.
Punishment levels should be moderated in a classrooms and homes in order to avoid bitterness between teachers/parents and students; it is also recommended that reinforcement be presented enthusiastically and frequently. Shorter amounts of time between a behavior and the presentation of punishment or reinforcement will create stronger the connection will be. Consistency is an important factor to allow operant learning to be most effective, and, as according to Skinner’s theory, if the correct techniques are used, human and animals alike can be trained to do almost anything.

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