Learning From Mistakes At The Middle School Essay

Learning From Mistakes At The Middle School Essay

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Learning from Mistakes
When I was in the eighth grade, I had a friend who shared the same dream with me. We both wanted to become a Dentist one day. We wrote our wishes in our diaries and in Birthday cards. The question would be: why am interested in Information Technology and what changed my dream? The answer to that question short story of what happened.
Once I moved to the middle school and just like any girl at that age, I start listen to my opinion only and don’t care to what my family tell. I lost the wish and ability to study for no reason or just because I thought am smart enough to get high scores without study!! I was thinking of everything in the world, fashion, songs, nail polish everything except Interest in school. Inside me, I had a feeling of am doing things wrong and I should not listen to myself and I should study, but I didn’t know how to stop my egotism. Things get worse when I was in the high school. My family thought am just having a time of laziness as a teenager, they thought everything will change in the twelve grades. I didn’t take care of their motivation or blaming. I thought am doing right things and I will be in the Dentistry school. Suddenly I found myself totally lost I couldn’t study or get the scores required for the Dentistry school, I got fewer scores than others. At that day, I had many phone calls with my friends and I found that they got what they want and, of course, my friend from primary school got a very high score and she will become a Dentist. I lived in shock for a while I didn’t know where I have to go which college, what is my career, how I can apology and vindicate what happened to my family. I found myself in the IT field and especially the Software Engineering depar...

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...ty with no GRE required and the best one I found was Regis University. A good college with a good rank and good reputation. I planned for everything how to manage my time to study, taking care of my husband and daughter. I feel am supper excited and because my inspiration and encouragement is my daughter, am sure I will make it.
All what happened to me is why I need to get a Master degree because I feel it will be a big thank you to my mum who keep motivating me although I disappointed her before, a gift to my father soul who passed away years ago, a big thank you to my husband who keep inspiring and motivating me, a big thank to the Country whom give me a lot and helped me when I left my Country and being a new home to me and the most important a good example to my daughter to be professional and to know what I did to her she can make my old dream and be a Dentist.

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