Problems Teachers Face Teaching Adolescents

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Students experience a lot of changes in themselves and their behaviors between elementary school and high school. Adolescents are expected to take on a lot of responsibilities that they have not previously been accustomed to. The attitudes of students adjust to their new standards accordingly. Students end old relationships and start new ones. Social, educational, and physical changes can put a lot of stress on middle and high school students, which is why these years are usually regarded as the worst for students. It is not uncommon for students to lack the motivation that is necessary in order to succeed in school. Students spend the majority of their lives in school, so if they do not have the desire to succeed, then they are putting their futures in jeopardy. During these years, students begin to shape their new identities, which will continue to form as they become adults. It is normal for adolescents to experience confusion and rebel against the norms of society, which is something that middle school and high school teachers should expect. This is a crucial transitional period during which teachers must step in and try to motivate students to do well. It is important to form an environment in which learning is encouraged and pressure is minimized. Maintaining a calm and stable environment in the classroom is essential for students to be motivated to learn. Students often lose focus because unnecessary posters, decorations, and clutter distract them. This does not mean that teachers cannot use any visual aids such as posters in their classrooms, but they should be able to maintain a clean and organized environment in which students are invited to learn. One way to create a successful learning environment is by creating sta... ... middle of paper ... a sense of flexibility in their lesson planning to try to relate to all students in one way or another. This will increase attention and motivation to succeed. There are many reasons why students lack motivation. They may be uncomfortable in their learning environment. The learning material could be difficult to relate to and therefore seem boring. If a student is disorganized, he or she may not have the motivation to organize materials and refocus. If students have their minds focused on societal issues and affairs, their priorities will not be staying focused in school and attaining success in the classroom. It is the responsibility of teachers to take action and do whatever it takes to make students understand the importance of doing well in school. A little bit of motivation can go a long way and pave the way for academic and social success in the future.
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