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As a child I had always been interested in medicine and the medical world. My passion of learning about the human body started when I was younger. I encountered many health problems throughout my toddler years. I looked up to the doctors and medical staff around me and continue to look up to them, they were and are still my heros. That is why my goal in life is to become a general surgeon. I want to be able to save many lives since it is possible now to do so now. Responsibilities of this job occupation includes providing medical attention, offering emotional support, and helping patients with other ailments. Surgeons provide medical attention by operating on their patient and fixing the root of the problem. Trust between the surgeon and patient …show more content…

There is a small amount, but they are easy to bypass to make time for other personal matters. Irregular and overtime hours can interfere with a general surgeon’s family time, but the whole point in being a surgeon is to help others, that are in worse conditions than the surgeons themselves, back into their normal lives and into a state of well-being. Some weekends will be spent at the hospital for surgeons, that is because a patient 's weekend can easily become their last weekend without going under life saving procedures, so surgeons must use their time wisely in this career (OK College). The guilt of knowing that a patient’s life ended because their surgery was postponed due to wanting to spend time doing recreational activities would be unbearable. Death can be preventable if a surgeon is proficient in what they do. According to The Telegraph, “Female surgeons collectively come across as determined, focused, extremely well organised and - in some cases - formidable.” Women surgeons are more looked for over men due to these traits that are mostly carried by women (The Telegraph). I find this very inspiring because it shows the power that women have in the modern world today. This may empower girls into finding a better option for a life long career instead of having to be a stay at home mom or doing something that makes minimum …show more content…

Due to the fact that during a surgery you will be using your hands you must be very careful even if you are wearing safety equipment. Protective wear can help tremendously by eliminating any easy route of transmission of any viruses, or diseases etc. Through medical school it will be required that surgeons wear gear that will protect them. Always wear protective gear no matter how little the operation could be, surgeons will always be exposed to some kinds of bacteria which can be foreign to your own. According to Paul A. Ruggieri M.D.’s novel, “I love being a surgeon. I love being able to make a clear, tangible difference in the quality of a person’s life. Sometimes I even save a life. I am honored every time a patient comes to me, and I’m humbled at the trust that’s given.” Surgeons should have the same mindset as Dr. Ruggieri because making a difference in someone else 's life should be a huge priority. They should want to help someone with their problems. Surgeons leave a mark on other people’s life, and it should always be a positive one. The satisfaction knowing a surgery was performed on someone and treated their problems would feel

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