Leadership Through New Tools : Leadership Essay

Leadership Through New Tools : Leadership Essay

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Leadership Through New Tools

As an INFP leadership is something that I can struggle with, although I enjoy having a voice in things and put my opinion out there, I try and steer clear of owning a title. As an INFP I prefer having a more relaxed, casual working environment without strict rules to follow and therefore I don’t want to be the rule maker. I don’t mind supporting my boss and providing valuable feedback and tools to improve my workplace, however, I would just rather not have the weight on my shoulders, of having to be responsible for others actions.

As much as I’d like to avoid the ownership of a leadership role within my workplace, I have somehow found myself in a leadership role. Being in my position now for three and a half years and being the second longest person with my title, has promoted me to be a go to person within my practice. I’m the go to girl for the hospital and office schedule for the five physicians I work under. I’m one of the two trainers for new comers. I’m the go to girl for IT questions, as I’m a self taught Googler and can figure it out with the click of a few buttons, when no one else can. I work for the head sleep doctor in the county, which makes me the go to girl for all things sleep related. I’m good at what I do, how I do it and I typically share new things I learn with my coworkers. So as you can see I have taken on many leadership roles, big and small within my job. I guess this is due to my willingness to persevere and get the job done.

The biggest challenge I feel I face as an INFP leader is following through with team meetings, as I fear the response of appearing as a leader will be negative from my colleagues, as we all share the same title. As I told the head doctor that I work ...

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...rs can participate in making decisions. Furthermore, I will do my best to continue to provide autonomy, as this is something I myself value as an INFP.

In conclusion, I feel there are so many tools available to utilize in both the SCARF and NSV concepts that will not only be beneficial to leaders, but their followers as well. I have learned so much through discovering my MBTI profile and the look into who I am as a person and the personality traits that I relate to is very interesting as well as eye opening. The material in the last few weeks has provided me with a better understanding of the lives of those around me, in discovering their personality traits and the reasons why someone may react to certain situations the way they do. Most importantly, being equipped with the tools provided in this class I know the future is bright and I can be the leader I need to be.

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