Leadership Style : Transformational Leaders Essay example

Leadership Style : Transformational Leaders Essay example

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Another leadership style is the transformational leaders, the employees feel trust, admiration, loyalty and respect concerning their leaders, and they are motivated to do more than they normally would do for another style of leader. The leader transforms and motivates employees by first, making them understand the importance of task outcomes, secondly, allowing them to focus their own self-interest for the sake of the organization. In the end everyone wins.
It is easier for the transformational leaders to handle change and develop the required methods needed for the organization’s change. They have also been referred to as change agents. Easier support found from the top management personnel towards goals which makes them more committed to the change that ends more often, with management’s doing more involvement, support and management toward the change. With which seems a nature gift of having a vision for the future, revealing the ability to equipment and guide their employees to be motivated to succeed and the organization is therefore with needed changed and transformed for the best of all concerned.
Employee Behavior:
Concerns for qualified nurse sufficiency and stability worldwide occur at a time of decreasing nursing authority (Preston 2008), and prevailing dissatisfaction with the pace of change in working conditions produces poor recruitment and greater attrition (Keenan 2003, Duffield & Roche 2007, Flinkman et al. 2010). Altruism is a primary motivation for choosing to nurse older people and persons with dementia. Nurses are most positive when they feel valued and supported by their organization and colleagues, through education, training, supervision, mentoring opportunities and appropriate remun...

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...uence his/her superiors; for example, volunteering for undesirable tasks to make themselves appreciated by the superior. Self-serving behaviors are harder actions epitomized by “it’s me first” attitude whereby self-interest is clearly placed above the interests of others, whether individual, group, or organization. An example of a self-serving behavior would be asking someone in one’s personal network to discredit a competitor in order to secure a potential promotion. The Ethical Differentiation Index measures the difference between the most ethical (pro-organizational) and the least ethical (maliciously intended) influence behaviors.
For those embracing an instrumental orientation, ethical behaviors should lead to personal rewards and the avoidance of punishment, and rules will be followed insofar as they are self-serving. Manroop, L., et al., (2014).

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