Leadership and Innovation at Apple, Inc. Essay

Leadership and Innovation at Apple, Inc. Essay

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This case goes over how Apple experienced a rough downturn from 1985-1997, but managed to innovate their way out of that challenging time to an incredible turnaround and rise from 1997-2009 (Pearce II & Robinson, 2011). This case concludes by mentioning the challenges that Apple faces in the future with other companies imitating their successful trends (Pearce II & Robinson). I will discuss two strategic factors that I believe Apple should consider as they establish their long-term strategy for growth. Also, I will mention what two objectives I believe Apple should include in the learning and growth perspective of their balance scorecard.
The first strategic factor that I think Apple should consider is product leadership/ development. Apple became who they are by striving to produce top of the line products that were ahead of the field in technology and electronics (Pearce II & Robinson, 2011). Steve Jobs said it best himself, "the reason a lot of us are at Apple is to make the best computers in the world and make the best software in the world. We know that we've got some stuff that is the best right now. But it can be so much better...That's what's driving us...And we'll sleep well when we do that" (Pearce II & Robinson, p. 23-8). Apple's prominent innovation through the years developing products such as the I-Pod, I-Tunes, I-Book, and I-Phone has changed the electronic and computer industry. This is why I think product leadership/ development needs to be at the forefront of their long term strategy for growth.
The second strategic factor that I believe Apple should consider in their long term strategy is customer intimacy, which is a value discipline or an alternate approach to a generic strategy for long term g...

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...echnological/ electronic industry . Also, increasing workforce knowledge and skills will give Apple the ability it needs to create new products that will target new groups of customers, as well as tailoring existing products to further the product life cycle. Apple's situation they face in the future, is the epitome of the importance of implementing a concrete strategic plan, one in which encompasses all the necessary factors and resources that will promote growth down the road.

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