Apple Company: Context And Background Of Apple

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3.2 Context and background of Apple The background of Apple Company initially used to be an Apple computers, when they initially began in California USA and transformed into a multinational company that was started without a proper planning and image in mind. I phone, iPod and Macintosh pcs are the most prominent products of Apple. Steven Wozniak and Steven p. Jobs were friends from high school. Both of them were very much interested in electronics. They both dropped out school and started getting jobs in Silicon Valley, Wozniak for Hewlett-Packard and jobs for Atari. In 1978, for the first time Wozniak design the Apple 1, as he had been dabbling in computer design for some time. Similarly, jobs that had an eye for future asserted that they…show more content…
Moving ahead, in 2001, Apple tastes a big success of iPod music player and becomes a leader in the electronic industry, dropping "computer" from its name and keeping on to release to iPod and iPhone. Steven has faced many problems in making apply company a big success each year step by step. He has followed many business partners but with each of them was an issue. As jobs overcome with the issues and give his hard efforts to make Apple a big name in the world. As a result, Apple Company is one of the best technology companies and had left a brand and benchmark of it in the mind of consumers and its rival company. A good description from Wikipedia describes Apple: "For reasons varying from its philosophy of comprehensive aesthetic design to its distinctive advertising campaigns, Apple has established a unique reputation in the consumer electronics industry." Apple has a unique quality that is its consumers; people are mad for iPhone and products of Apple. With a great success, Apple has revenue of over $60 billion per annum. Apple Company is one of the biggest companies in the world and the most valuable technology company having access to Microsoft. Apple wants to provide the best service to its users through its innovative hardware, software, peripherals, services, and Internet offerings. In September 2010, the Company grows with total 317 retail stores, including 233 stores in the U.S. and 84 international
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