Essay on Leaders as Motivators

Essay on Leaders as Motivators

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(7) Leaders as motivators

Now imagine your style of leadership, how do you think you developed your style? Do you know what type of leadership styles you have? How often do you evaluate your leadership style? How do others see you as a leader and your leadership style? What has prepared you for the position you are in? Do you think training will help? What motivating skills do you possess?

This section of the handbook deals with leaders as motivators so knowing your leadership style could help you to identify your abilities of being a good motivator. First, lets identify what most leadership styles are based on. They are based on a person’s views, values, past leadership experiences, learning abilities, and cultural environment. However, in order to achieve the goals of the organization and motivate the employees the leader must remember some key factors in motivating:

7.1 Motivating Approaches

Develop approaches to motivate your employees. Communicate the task. Employees can see when you are passionate and when your passion comes across in explaining the assignment they will understand the purpose. However, understanding the purpose will help connect each phase of the task.

[Note: Remember not all employees will be motivated the same way so knowing your team can help.]

7.2 Work Environment

Create an environment where people will take pride in their jobs. Increased pride will produce job and customer satisfaction. Create an environment of trust and telling the truth will increase the trust level. Also, your employees will be more inclined to being motivated when you give as much detail as you can about the task.

7.3 Building Confidence

You can build confidence by allowing the employees vi...

... middle of paper ...

...ors of our time was considered to be Ronald Reagan. He was called “The Great Communicator”. Called this because he had the ability to motivate people by being vivid and giving vision to the task assigned by way of using metaphors as examples. Although, the metaphors were vivid others were able to image what he was talking about and understand the task.

A leader must be competent as well as confident in their job and have the ability to show consistency and trust. In conclusion, every manager should commit to finding ways to improve your leadership skills, allow others to evaluate your leadership style and give feedback.

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Book: Process Improvement: A Handbook for manager by Sarah Cook

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