The Leader 's Strong Leadership Skills Essay

The Leader 's Strong Leadership Skills Essay

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The leader is the most importance of element to the work environment. The leader 's strong leadership skills, ability to recognize the staff’s merits by instilling trust and respect, the understanding of cultural diversity, and the use of technology-meditated communication is the key to their effectiveness. Leaders need to have the skill to retain employees by instilling trust and respect allowing them to want to be at work. The skill that continues to be the most prevalent to all leaders is the ability to communicate effectively both verbally and non-verbally. The tools leaders use to communicate has changed, but the importance verbal or non-verbal to the motivation of staff remains the same. (Sarros, Luca, Densten, & Santora, 2014). Communication is a vital part of business especially with leadership structures changing from the traditional on-site management to off-site leaders. Technology has made our work environment more versatile as it relates to how leaders provide feedback concerning performance. Eleaders will need to have additional skills in technology-mediated interaction to allow staff to feel the same ownership of their position as those that has on-site leaders. The challenge of either type of leaders is to motivate staff to embrace the new means of communications and remain motivated to perform to their highest potential.
Effects of Leaders on Corporate Culture
Leadership Skills
In today society the leader is the foundation of the company. A leader must have skills to motivate others, be decisive within their team, understand and promote the vision, and be available to their staff (Films Media Group, 2015). Motivation is a leadership skill, used accurately, captures the leaders decisiveness, ability to ...

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...ant to increase and maintain positive morale to promote productivity and increase the organization 's revenue. The challenges with the technological advance are to provide a place for staff to work where they feel safe, and their contributions are recognized. It is important that we give our leaders the tools to be successful in our multimedia workforce. Both onsite and offsite Supervisory staff will not be effective if they are not equipt with skills to use a balance of multimedia devices and personal interaction. The other challenge for any company is to ensure leaders are culturally sensitive and have a mindset of global outreach. It includes understanding the difference in the culture of their staff and the consumers the service. Employees at all levels need be technologically savvy and culturally diverse to maintain stability within the workforce.

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