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3. A precedent is defined as “a legal norm established in court cases that is then applied to future cases dealing with the same legal questions.” A precedent sets the tone for the cases that follow. It is important that a precedent is strong. A strong precedent allows for the courts to act accordingly and justly towards similar cases (Bianco and Canon, 2015).
A jurisdiction is defined as “the sphere of a court’s legal authority to hear and decide cases” (Bianco & Canon, 2015). This is important because people would want to bring a case to the court that would be most suitable to their case. For example, if you were filing a case for harassment in the workplace, you would go to the state or federal court. This is can be decided on which court would provide you with more protection. There are, however, two types of jurisdiction. The first one being appellate jurisdiction and the second being original jurisdiction. Appellate jurisdiction refers to the authority of a court to hear appeals from lower courts and change or uphold the decision. Original jurisdiction refers to the authority of a court to handle a case first. In the case of the United States Supreme Court, the authority to hear disputes between two states would be an example of original jurisdiction. It is important to note that it is not limited to just the Supreme Court. They may assign cases to the lower court, if they deem it to be necessary.
There are many examples of court cases but these four stand out the most. The first would be Marbury v Madison in 1803. The Constitutional principle involved was the separation of powers. The judiciary. The decision of this case was important because established the Supreme Court’s right of judicial review. It also strengthened t...

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...ever, for this to be possible, Congress would first need to be backed up by two-thirds of both houses in order to override the expected presidential veto (Bianco & Canon, 2015).
The president is limited when it comes to congressional powers. Congress has the power of impeachment, power of the purse and is also limited by legislation. Furthermore, Congress has the power to override a veto. Also, the president is limited by judicial review, public opinion, as well as attention from the media.
An executive power does not necessarily grant the president too much power. As mentioned above, an executive power is not a law. It is just a directive as to how the executive branch should execute the law. The president has very limited power and it is purposefully set up this way. A president’s right to veto could also be overturned if the Congress disagrees with his decision.

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