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Law Enforcement : Issues And Solutions Essay example

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Law Enforcement: Issues and Solutions
Society builds police forces in order to maintain order and justice within our various population groups. That’s why each city, province, state, etc. has formed their own departments or hired groups to police their people. Police are supposed to be the morally and ethically righteous individuals that we strive to act like, at least that’s what many kids are taught to think. However, that’s not always the case and while some officers, maybe most, may fit the ideal police officer persona, not all do. Sometimes, the order and justice that police forces are sworn to protect is not even present within their own ranks.
Discretion is when police use their ability to decide what should be done in a particular circumstance in order to avoid causing offence. It diverts individuals away from tickets and charges. Instead officers find a different way to deal with rule breakers or do not punish them at all.
Accountability is the idea of making individuals responsible and liable for their behaviour. It this paper it is specifically about how individual police officers, as well as entire forces should be monitored and upheld for their actions.
Police Composition
As a figure of safety, protection, and power, it is important for the police to represent every race, culture, and gender within the community. That way every citizen knows that they are being represented, and therefore it is easier for them to trust the police. Today, the police force is still not balanced in terms of employing women, and racial minorities, however, it is getting better.
Throughout the 1960’s not even one percent of police officers in Canada were women (Goff, 2011, p. 201). Considering that roughly half of t...

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...mes results in quitting the place of employment or being fired (as cited in Marshall, 2013, p. 14). Overall it leads to alienation from the individuals co-workers. Being sexually harassed can make a person feel unsafe, or uncomfortable at the least, and can lead to distrust of others. These are traits that should not be had on a police force where members need to know they can trust each other to have each other’s back. Not being able to trust your team and co-workers can induce a great amount of stress in an already stressful work environment. It makes it easy to understand why sexual harassment could lead to women quitting the force which is unfavorable with the already low number of female officers. Reporting the issue can have its own problems attached, as it creates a barrier with some of the male officers and could kill the career of the female officer (p. 15).

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