Analysis Of Police Officers: The Supermen Of The Streets

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Police Officers: The Supermen of the Streets No societal foundation links citizens so in depth to the government such as police. This limb of government defends against total chaos and maintains something such as the order of laws and due process in the democracy that is the United States is. When political anarchy, social injustices, and crime end up leading to civil depravities that go against the foundation of democracy, society depends on the police to come in and keep the peace, while attempting to restore the order. These officers are asked to pursue criminals in vehicles, and on foot, repeatedly expose themselves to the dangers of the crimes, and remain calm while being under pressure at all moments on the job, and even off duty. Being an officer of the law takes a special person Resulting in the dangers, and difficulties that the job brings to the table, the amount of stress that these men and women endure on a daily basis is tremendous, and devouring. Yet, in most stations around the United States, there is not much, if any help that these officers are provided. Worse even, most of these station’s ignore the need for them, believing that their officers are …show more content…

This aspect makes officers feel like they can handle anything that comes their way, but something couldn’t be so wrong. It encourages individual strength and independence, which together can make a simple situation turn deadly. As an example: “ On Tuesday, April Seventh, Two Thousand and Fifteen, New Castle Police Officer Justin Warren arrived at a house fire, he tried to go in through the thick smoke to save the two boys were inside the fire that tragically passed. Officer Warren without even thinking rushed in there, two officers found him lying unconscious in the living room, and had to transport him in the back of their cruiser to the hospital.” (New Castle

In this essay, the author

  • Opines that police officers are the supermen of the street. they defend against total chaos and maintain the order of laws in the united states.
  • Opines that in most stations around the united states, there is not much, if any help that these officers are provided.
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