The Lasting Effect Of Divorce Essay

The Lasting Effect Of Divorce Essay

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The Ever Lasting Effect
Since the 1970’s, divorce rates have increased; people thought that this legal dissolution, divorce, was just a prefatory crisis that would resolve itself. A few decades later, divorce rates have escalated through the roof. The shocking fact is that there are about a hundreds of divorces occurring in U.S. today. Parents should realize the unnecessary consequences divorce has on his or her children before considering going through with a separation, but also after if it arises as well.
Divorce often occurs due to many different reasons, but one of the reasons can be as simple as small arguments that truly could be avoided. Men and women can often become depressed, which causes throwing themselves into sexual affairs or overloading themselves in their work. Individuals usually suffer from divorce for over decades even if they try to ignore the fact that he or she just got divorced and or has to start over with their new life. Divorce also has a huge effect on children though. Most parents do not even realize the pain of the separation the child endures.
To begin, children have different reactions to divorce depending on their age at the time of the divorce. Divorce affects all ages of children from a young toddler to a young adult in college. Younger kids do not even know what the term ‘divorce’ means, but he or she can feel the tension between the two parents. He or she will not be able to comprehend why one of his or her parents wants to leave the other; he or she will just want both of his or her parents to be together again. Lansford notes, “Young children may be less capable of realistically assessing the causes and consequences of divorce,” (Lansford 143). For example, a young child will often questi...

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...thers may feel divorce does not have a defective influence on a child. The child, as anyone else, will understand his or her parents’ decision within time. The parents know what they are doing. Many children are also considered to be strong-minded and can get through anything that passes along their path.
All in all, divorce has consequences; many children will suffer for many years. As a society, parents need to provide their children with all the love, warmth, and guidance that will be needed. All Opportunities should be taken to create a stronger family structure for the household, but if that cannot be done then the parents still need to be educated on the outcomes of child’s well-being. When a child feels the love and stability in his or her family, then he or she will provide his or her own future family with the same stability, love, and warmth once received.

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