The Changes Introduced into Children's Lives by Divorce

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Long time ago, I was talking to one of my friends Sami who was living with her dad. She is always upset and depress because her dad couldn’t take care of her all the time. She always missed her mom. She wanted to be with her mom. She wondered if her mom still loves her even though she never saw her mom. I asked her, “Why did your parents got divorced?” She answered, “I have no idea because they separated when I was three years old. My dad doesn’t like to talk about it. I miss her very much and I know she miss me as well. I am sure she might be thinking about me just like I think about her all the time”. Her words touched my heart emotionally. I felt sad. This conversation made me to think more on divorce, but I never got time to research on it. Now, I got an opportunity to select a topic to research so I chose divorce. I would like to know what situations children go through after their parents get divorced. I am assuming that divorce might be the hardest thing for some children, especially in childhood life.
Divorces are more common than they were generations ago. In a Time/CNN survey released in august 1997 which showed that the largest population of respondents (45%) answered that marriage is not taken seriously by most of the couples because they always end up getting divorced. Sixty four percent also believed that couples should get lessons on marriage before getting married (“public opinion”). From my understanding, this controversy over divorce has remained one of the nation’s most important debates. There are reasons why most of the couples get separated. It can be because of misunderstanding. It can be because they stop loving each other. Sometime little arguments and misunderstandings can turn out to be the biggest probl...

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...nt, it is normal to feel uncertain about how to give your child the right support through your divorce or separation. It might be hard but parents can still help their kids to be strong, confident and give them love. Even after the divorce, they can still have relationship with their kids.
Divorce introduces a mass change in children’s life. As I told a story in the beginning of the essay, do you wonder what consequences she might be facing? Do you know how she might be feeling living a life without mom? Unfortunately, this may cause the custodial parent to be upset for not being able to meet the needs of the child. Divorce is hard for those kids who have to face these situations. Most of the studies showed that divorce makes a huge difference in children’s life. I have learned that, when parents get divorced, it breaks the foundation that the child was used to.
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