Essay about Language Theory On Second Language Development

Essay about Language Theory On Second Language Development

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3. Writer provides description and analysis of school programs offered (5 pts).

Schools throughout the nation began to generate programs based on language theory on second language development. These programs directed on moving students along the continuum from non-English speaking to limited English to English skill. One of the programs is ESL program An ESL program is one that “provides instruction in the English language and other courses of study using teaching techniques for acquiring English. CCSD offers two types of ESL programs at the elementary level – Content-Based Integrated and Content-Based Self-Contained. (See NAC 388.615) The goal of both the Content-Based Integrated and Content-Based Self-Contained approaches is the acquisition of English and grade level academics so that the EL student can succeed in an English-only classroom. Both approaches have the following features:

•The child’s primary language is used to clarify instruction;

• English is taught through reading, language arts, math, science, and social studies;

• Lessons include controlled vocabulary while students gradually acquire the necessary language skills to succeed academically and become lifelong learners.

In Self-Contained ESL Classrooms, the principal assigns only EL students and are grouped together for their core subjects. They have the opportunity to interact with other students in music, art, physical education, library and lunch. In Integrated classroom, they are two. One classroom is 50/50 and another is a group classroom. In 50/50 ESL Classrooms, the principal assigns approximately an equal proportion of students who need EL services to native English speakers. Emphasis is on cooperative learning and use of English-speaking role models...

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... engagement and participation in class, and will help them succeed in an otherwise English-based environment. Last but not least, the ESL education programs have opportunities to practice new learning. The main focus of this program is to teach students the English language. The language of instruction is mostly English, with little or no use of the ELL 's native language.
Lindholm-Leary, (2012), Most of the research on DLE programs has been conducted to document the outcomes of students in DLE programs. Although the great majority of the research focuses on academic achievement, there is some limited research on oral language development and other student outcomes. It is important to recognize that the research on DLE programs includes large-scale longitudinal and comparative studies, as well as smaller studies of a small group of students in one or more classrooms.

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