Lady of War and Lord of Death Essay examples

Lady of War and Lord of Death Essay examples

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The first bell of the morning rings, shaking the stone of the underground city. I tug on a clean, ash-gray tunic, complete with golden embroideries to mark my status as a leader, with a yawn, climbing out of the niche I claim as a bed. Finger-combing my hair, I wrestle it into a braid and survey the Golden Hall.
The rest of the Hall begins to stir around me. Someone adds fuel to the near-dead fire in the corner of the room; someone else puts dagger to sharpening-stone. Tired faces poke out of the sleeping-holes in the wall. The sizzle of frying meat – a rare luxury – mingles with the scent of spices winding through the air. I pause. Spices. Taking a deep breath, I sift through the smells in the air. The stink of unwashed bodies and the metallic tang of blood mingles with the scent of herbs, but doesn’t cover it.
One of the boys near me sniffs the air, and I can tell he smells the mixture too. I am on my feet before I even know what I’m doing. The quiet murmur of the waking city stills as the foreboding scent makes its way into everyone’s nose. I stride quickly into the center of the city and falter as the crackle of flames meets my ears.
Fear creeps over me as I walk into the Red Hall. A statue of Erith, Lord of Death and Flame, dominates the cavernous room. At his feet lay the dead, wrapped in red cloths and sprinkled with the herbs I smell. A group of people in dark red robes stands next to them, giving the fallen their last ceremony. Their chant is ominous but peaceful, calling the god down, sending the dead away.
The prayer finishes. I step forward, an ash-and-sun outsider in this room of blood. The group of people turns as one, alerted by the fall of my foot. When they see me, they step back, away from the carefully-laid bo...

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... evidence is used up. I spread my hands, inviting comment, and sit down.
The table erupts in fierce conversation. I have spoken already, though, and am barred by ritual from speaking again until asked to.
Eventually, Kaenin’s leader stands up. “I am the voice of Wisdom, representative of Moon, herald of the Scholar. I speak for the leaders of our people and for the people themselves.” She pauses, draws a deep breath in, and says in a strong voice, “We have agreed that the prophecy is come. We have agreed that the gods draw upon hosts. And so we must agree that the gods are soon to return.”
The next line is mine – the closing of the council. “We vow to spread our news among the people. We vow to make our actions today known. I am the voice of War, representative of Sun, herald of the Warrior. Speak so none doubt you. Represent your chosen god. Herald their return!”

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