The Fall of the House of Usher

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The Fall of the House of Usher

The story starts out with the narrator riding up to an old and gloomy house. He stresses that the overall persona of the house is very eerie. The reason he is at this house is because he received a letter from an old friend by the name of Roderick Usher. Roderick and the narrator were intimate friend at a young age but they had not spoken to each other in several years. The narrator examined the house for a great time as he rode toward the house, he noticed that the house had been severely neglected over time. That the house’s beautiful woodwork and Gothic type of architecture have not been maintenance to any degree since he had last seen it.

When he arrived at the home the servant who took his hoarse and directed him to the room that Mr. Usher was in greeted him. Inside the house was also very ornate, but it to had also been left alone for to long. The entire house had a gloomy atmosphere that would put a chill down most people’s spines. When he entered the room his friend was staying in he was warmly welcomed. He could not believe the changes that his dear childhood friend had endured.

Roderick was very ill for he was not able to do many things. He could only listen to certain types of sounds, eat certain foods, and he could only look at certain things. Together they to loved to read books of Gothic natures that only added to the ora of the house. Usher had a great collection of books but his favorite was the manual of the forgotten church.

Roderick’s sister was also very ill with something that was never diagnosed. In the first few days of the narrator’s visit Ethelred died. She was put into a casket and then the two men carried her to a vault that was below the narrator’s room. Several night later the men noticed sound coming from the vault and went down to investigate. They began to read to each other again, but Roderick paid no attention.

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