Lack Of Sleep Deprivation Among Teens Essay

Lack Of Sleep Deprivation Among Teens Essay

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Students need eight to ten hours of sleep each night to function to their best ability. Unfortunately, over 87 percent of high school students get much less than the recommended amount. (Neal). As a teen myself who gets nine hours of sleep per night, I can definitely see how I am in the minority. I have a first period class with a lot of my friends and most of them do not show up consistently. This is because they do not get to sleep until around midnight, which leaves them with only seven hours of sleep. They then are too tired to come in and miss the class altogether. Poor attendance in school is just one of many effects that a lack of sleep that have. Since sleep deprivation among teens often leads to dangerous health problems, getting more rest should be made a top priority.
For the 87% of teens who do not get enough sleep, lingering health issues can result. Almost nine in ten teens are making themselves vulnerable to endless health risks just to stay up later at night. As Ruthann Richter claims, “Sleep deprivation increases the likelihood teens will suffer myriad negative consequences, including an inability to concentrate, poor grades, drowsy-driving incidents, anxiety, depression, thoughts of suicide and even suicide attempts.” Obviously, when a student is overtired in the morning, they will not be able to adequately function at school. As for the mental health risks, lack of sleep starts a dangerous, life-threatening pattern. Once a teen is depressed, anxious, or is thinking of harming themselves due to sleep deprivation, it’s tremendously hard to get them out from that rut. These illnesses that started from a lack of sleep will now prevent them from resting. When this happens, their condition will just continue to decl...

... middle of paper ... this person.
To conclude, more sleep is needed to allow teens to be more successful in their daily lives. A lack of sleep hurts academics, as the students are not fully engaged and cannot properly participate. Mental illnesses such as anxiety or depression can result from sleep deprivation as the brain is not receiving adequate rest time. This is a huge challenge to reverse because these painful thoughts can keep teens up at night. To overcome this problem, sleep needs to become a priority for teens. They need to realize that sleeping an extra two hours is more significant than watching TV or checking Facebook. Checking Facebook or watching a show is not going to help teens during their next day, but the extra sleep definitely will. If a genuine effort is made to get more sleep at night, then teens nationwide will be more productive, happy, and poised for success.

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