Lack Of Interest Towards Female Athletics Essay

Lack Of Interest Towards Female Athletics Essay

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Chinque Thompson
WRT 102.75
Professor Rai
8 March 2016
For many years American society has struggled to create equality between men and women for a large amount of things. Although, throughout the years people have made great efforts in order to minimize the gap of inequality between each gender, society still has not reached its goal yet. An example of where this is shown in our world today is within sports. Men have been dominating sports when compared to women. The attention given to them, the increase amount of ticket sales and media coverage are all proof that this gap is relevant today. However, the question that needs to be asked is why this gap within sports is so prevalent today? I believe that many outside factors are the reasons for lack of interest towards female athletics. These outside factors include the way female athletes are objectified and portrayed by the media. The way society still view women in a traditional. mind set that shows they must stick to their traditional gender roles.
In an article called, ESPN’s Sports Centre and Coverage of Women’s Athletics: “It’s a Boy’s Club” author Adam highlights studies done by himself and Tuggle. The study focuses on two athletic programs CNN Sports Tonight and ESPN’s Sports Centre and it is expresses: “ it devotes 5% of their airtime to women’s athletics” (Adams, 2004). Therefore, there remaining 95% of airtime from programs was given to men and displays a huge discrepancy. To further emphasize their point of women receiving extremely lower coverage when compared to men also displayed a study of: “ESPN Sports Centre and coverage of women’s athletics in 2002, they found that during the 30 days under their study, ESPN ran 778 stories about males,...

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...he difference in remuneration has to do with the difference in media interest. CHECK
Then you can start asking for why this is so. You have one answer -- that it is the result of gender stereotypes. But the evidence that you provide for this is very sketchy. Just having another person saying so does not count as evidence. You have a couple of studies -- Hardin, Hoisness -- but they are just the beginning. You need to find more research.
You also need to mention how much Title IX has affected the structural reasons for why more girls are not in sports -- that they have fewer opportunities to participate in it competitively. See how Title IX may have changed things, but you probably also need to find evidence on how things have not changed enough.
You might then go back to the kinds of ideas, biases, stereotypes, opportunities that result in the difference.

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