Discrepancy in Media Coverage

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Discrepancy in Media Coverage






Discrepancy in Media Coverage

More boys than girls indulge in sports activities in school. This has become a huge source of concern. Male students take active part in sports activities. Girls on the other hand shun such activities. There has been a link between media coverage and the indulgence of girls in sporting activities in schools. This is primarily because; television and other media show sports as a preserve of men. As a result there are few females in the sporting activities on media. Hence female students never have role models to ape in sports. Boys find several sources of, motivation to participate in sports. However, the discrepancy in media coverage is getting better with time. There is a realization of the importance of balanced attention with regard to gender in sports programs. Therefore there are increased efforts to ensure that several sport program s show women participating in games. This will lead to a better perception of sports by girls. Eventually, girls will change their attitude about sports. The paper takes a keen look at the entire perspective of media coverage and its corresponding effect on the participation of girls in sports activities.

Media forums have always been instrumental in preparing a platform for the activities of the society. With regard to sports, it has been often been perceived as a preserve of males. Therefore, supporting programs in television and other forms of media have always featured males. Hence females have been left out. According to my experience as a specialist in the development of children, there is a need for a very positive and active partnership as far as the care of a chi...

... middle of paper ... sure all of them are on the same page. To instill the culture of working together, Employers should establish that teams are groups that collaborate and share skills in effort to reach common objectives and goals that benefit the overall performance of the company. Every worker should have a different rough idea of what makes a good team. To run and operate efficiently, communication should be open between the employees and the management of the firm. When all of these are implemented, maximization of business values is almost guaranteed. Therefore, the presentation of media has a lot of influence on how people perceive reality. There have been several efforts to put an end to the discrepancy in media. As a result, there has been a significant change in the manner of presenting sports in media outlets. As a matter of fact, media discrepancy is getting better.
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