The Lack Of Academic Instruction Time Essay

The Lack Of Academic Instruction Time Essay

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Children in the United States often go home to empty households after school, with little to nothing to do, a lack of clarity and instruction of how to approach their homework, little to no food can be found in their kitchen cupboards, and the students are drained after teachers have been cramming a lot of information in short sessions of each subject during school, while some schools have been extended to solve many of these problems. The lack of academic instruction time is due to the absence of reforming the school day, after going centuries with similar instructional days and calendar years. American children are missing out on quality education, care, nutrition, and supervision during the 3-5 pm periods, after school. This illuminates the need for a renewal of parental voice in the school system. While the total student population in the nation may not be affected, many are, and may be helped with the commitment of guidance from parents, teachers, and administrative support. Beginning in an urban or rural school system, and working alongside its administrators and staff, whom properly care for the knowledge of our future leaders, today’s children, the need for adjustment becomes apparent.
Chris Gabrielli makes the observation that children should attend school for the amount of time that is necessary to gain the fundamental academic skills and earn a well-rounded education necessary to succeed as individuals, blooming in today’s multifaceted society and high-skills economy (12). Michael Grove weighs in by ”calling for schools to be open for nine hours a day, roughly nine in the morning until six in the early evening” proving popular and favorable for single-parent families, or for two parent families whom both work ful...

... middle of paper ... with lack of supervision and care.
The schools mentioned have had parents come together to honor their children, and themselves, creating a beneficial lifestyle for all, and unifying the educational community. Each district coming up with an alternative to the normal- traditional school day, that is much outdated and due for reform. In a search for recent and past changes of the school day, researchers collected facts, did polls, and talked to school officials to create their reviews of current and past school days. While tradition is good, progression is important. This new style of longer school days makes children happy, allowing them to explore new opportunities, and understand concepts as they should, and as you and I once did. This is what we need, for our lives lie in the hands of today’s children, for we are the ones whom will shape tomorrow’s visions.

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