Kurt Lewin 's Theory And Social Dynamics Essay

Kurt Lewin 's Theory And Social Dynamics Essay

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Kurt Lewin, a German born man who left his home country during the Nazis time, came to the United States with the idea that Gestalt’s perspective could be applied to personality theory and social dynamics (Neill, J.). Lewin began with behavior, and then incorporated the idea of how people perceived the behaviors of themselves and others (Neil, J.). His differences were published in 1935 and was known as “Field Theory,” which would be something that set him apart from other theorist; in-fact he has done the complete opposite of the many before him (Book). This theory can relate to those that are from different physical and psychological environments.
Being a military wife, I have found it easy to relate to Kurt Lewin’s field theory. This theory states that a person’s behavior can be affected by their environment and personality (Book). This means that the behavior someone experiences throughout life could have been affected by how they were raised. Growing up I was from a small farm town in Oklahoma called Hugo: with an approximate population of 15,000. This meant I grew up with a lot of space to roam, no next-door neighbors, and a lot of responsibilities. I also had parents who did not believe in spankings just firm talking’s. This brought about the idea that since my brother and I respected them it would hurt more to see they were disappointed than it would to receive a spanking. Consequently, I believe shaped me to be the person that I am and gave me the direction to be a responsible adult that does not need violence to understand when something is wrong. Although, this was not the same principle in all households in my hometown, my parents did see it best to raise their children in this manor and it worked just fine.
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...y, n.d.). For someone like me, it was seen in the small town I grew up in and my parent’s disciplinary actions. As I told my thoughts on the relation it became clearer that my small town life and my parent’s lack of physical discipline helped me become who I am. It is said that children with physical parents can go on to have higher anxiety levels, a fear of their surroundings, or developmental issues (Child Discipline, n.d.). As we continue to bring children into this world I think we should look deeper into Kurt’s theory and really understand what his thoughts can mean. Furthermore, if we have a child that is getting into trouble by hanging out with the wrong crowd we can begin a change in the scenery. Believing in this theory can help us alter what is needed to better supply our children with the proper means to grow up and be the hardworking adult America needs.

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