Influence Of An Individual's Personal Experience In The Hand By Yves Theriault

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The effect of an individual 's personal experience may be one of the controlling factors of their life. In the short story “The Hand”, Yves Theriault presents the idea of the importance of an individual 's personal experience, and the effects of these experiences on their life. Yves shows how these personal experiences are important to one’s life, because it is in control of how an individual will change, and how it will develop their character and personality. This is shown by the character Géron, where one event in his life changed a personality trait that he had for most of his life. Many of my personal experiences could relate to Géron’s incident, where a small event had a large impact in my life, and how the story of our life is influenced…show more content…
He even went to the extend of cutting his arm off to prevent this incident from happening again. One incident caused Géron to cut his arm off, this is the strength of the influence of our personal experiences. Throughout history, it has been shown how personal experiences affect our life, but could possibly affect other people 's lives too. In Germany, Adolf Hitler dreamed of being an artist, but had failed his art entrance exam, if this had not happened, world history would be changed, maybe the world we live in today would not be the same. Personal experiences have a very large influence on our actions, I once knew this one person, who was highly fascinated by the work that ER doctors do for our world because of a TV show he happened to watch, and he wanted to become an ER doctor after that. If he had not watched that TV show, maybe this wouldn’t have happened. Our personal experience has a large influence in what we do, our lives are goals are driven by our personal experiences. Yves shows us just that, Géron may not had cut his arm off if the incident at the hamlet had not have occurred, similarly maybe if my friend would not have wanted to become an ER doctor if he had not have seen the TV show. Whatever we experience, it could affect what we do in the future and could change our character. The story of Géron is the reflection of humanity, all of us have memorable moments in our life, for Géron this is hitting Marie. These moments will reform and change us, and we may have a different view and perspective we had

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