Essay about Juvenile Sentence As A Social Issue

Essay about Juvenile Sentence As A Social Issue

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Every year, children as young as thirteen and fourteen are sentenced to die in prison in the United States. Judges rule these sentences without considering factors such as age and life circumstances. According to studies, there are about 2000 children serving juvenile sentences in the United States (Nellis 30). Further, Studies indicated that 25 percent of the young individuals serving life without parole were convicted accomplice liability, meaning they may not have committed the crime or may not know the primary perpetrators of the crime (Steinberg and Scott 54). All this happens despite the global consensus that children should not handle the same way as adults. This paper explores juvenile life sentencing as a social issue that is affecting many young individuals.
According to studies by the United States department of commerce, America had about 70 million children below 18 years of age in 2006 (Steinberg and Scott). That was about 25 percent of the whole united state population (Nellis 27). Currently, that number may be higher. Besides, the number is expected to reach 80 million by 2020 (Steinberg and Scott). These numbers should draw attention to the diversity and magnitude of problems affecting young people in the United States, especially those who are at risk of facing the juvenile justice system. According to studies, the United States has the highest number of juveniles facing justice system each year. Estimates by the Federal Bureau of Investigation indicate that there were about 60,000 cases involving minors in 2012, which was the highest to have ever happened (Nellis 28). Another report by FBI indicated that about 1.5 million youths are arrested each year for various crimes (Steinberg and Scott 55). This issue has d...

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...onditions of incarceration that youths experience during their lifetimes of incarceration. According to international standards, sentencing an individual who is below 18 years of age is against the law (Steinberg and Scott 56). According to International standards, children who are still developing do not have the same level of culpability as adults. However, the United stated violates these standards by treating young offenders as adults. Mainly, incarceration is used to correct individuals or ensure the security of the society by removing criminals who are a threat from the society. For the case of children, the main aim should be to help them reintegrate into the society. In other words, sentencing should serve children’s best interests. Such is because children are still in their developing stages, meaning there is a chance of helping them change their behaviors.

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