Essay on Journalism, Advertising, And Public Relations

Essay on Journalism, Advertising, And Public Relations

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The development of journalism, advertising and public relations are in many ways codependent; without the other, these communication techniques wouldn’t thrive. Each empire is vastly different than the other but they all share an abundance of the same characteristics. By developing the fields from building off one another and utilizing technology, journalism, advertising, and public relations have professionalized themselves into successful and powerful areas of work today.
Journalism relies on the media. Journalism has transformed from small, handwritten newspapers into a mass media empire. The public has seen journalism quality skyrocket as well as morph into gossip columns, televised broadcasts, and radio talk shows. Starting out as newspaper platforms, journalism quickly overtook the way news was told. Certain individuals and events helped spark that change; the Peter Zenger Trial in 1733 allowed the rights of individuals to publish the truth, including crude ideas about politics and government (Rodman). Over time, new ideas and writing techniques have been implemented in newspapers, and the growth of technology and the transmittance of news has evolved the way journalism is thought of. In 1940, the first network TV newscast was given (pg. 305, Rodman), which led the way for a media empire to be born and print to be cast aside. An example from Rodman (pg. 307) brings to our attention that “coverage of Kennedy and Oswald assassinations shows the power and danger of our new obsession with live TV news coverage.” Journalism has become dependent on the media, and news has seemed to blur with entertainment, as everything needs to be televised nowadays. News is given from The Tonight Show and The Today Show, as well as m...

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...e public and technology to help achieve their goals. While they all need the public in some circumstances, public relation cases do not always want to be in the spotlight. Some of the best public relation individuals can keep a situation quiet, and not draw attention to the problems of a company or agency, doing their job and maintaining relationships. Journalism and advertising is almost the exact opposite; they want all eyes on them and to always be heard.
Newspapers depend on advertisers for profit, who depend on public relations professionals to keep their image intact, who depend on media and newspapers for work. Just how they all developed from the media, they all utilize aspects of each other in different ways. From the use of each other as well as developing media, public relations, advertising and journalism have evolved into modernized fields.

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