Edward R. Murrow: A Revolution in the News Media

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Edward R. Murrow’s profound impact on the field of journalism defines much of what the modern news media industry is today. Edward R. Murrow’s career offers aspiring journalist a detailed set of standards and moral codes in how a journalist should receive and report the news. The development of CBS is largely attributed to Murrow, and derives from his ambitious attitude in utilizing the television and radio to deliver the news. Murrow gained a stellar reputation in the minds of American’s during WWII by placing himself in the heart of the war, and delivering information through radio in his famous This is London broadcasts. His battles with Senator Joseph McCarthy are largely referred to as his most prominent achievement in which Murrow exposed the unfair practices of Senator McCarthy in his wild accusations on those in the American public of being affiliated with communism. At the RTNDA conference Murrow arguably deliver his most famous speech, which included his hopes and fears of the news media industry in years to come. Although much of today’s news media industry would be held in disdain in the mind of Murrow his practices are still referred due and held in high regard by his contemporaries and fellow aspiring journalist. Edward R. Murrow set the standard of American journalism, and had the largest individual impact on the news media industry in history. Loading the Gun Following his tenure in Europe covering WWII, Murrow held a high level of credibility and trust among the American public. Divulging from the ethical standards set by CBS and operated upon by Murrow himself the stars would align during the Cold War period for a battle between truth and fear on the battlefield of broadcast television. The Red Scare period in A... ... middle of paper ... ....d.). Retrieved from http://www.newsreview.com/sacramento/case-against-lt-milo-radulovich/content?oid=44316 (Boeck) Campbell, W. J. (2010, March 08). Recalling, and doubting, television's 'finest half hour. Retrieved from http://mediamythalert.wordpress.com/2010/03/08/recalling-and-challenging-televisions-finest-half-hour/ (Campbell, 2010) Handman, G. (n.d.). Retrieved from http://www.lib.berkeley.edu/MRC/murrowmccarthy.html Wershba, J.. Edward r. murrow and the time of his time. Retrieved from http://www.evesmag.com/murrow.htm Murrow, E. (Director) (1958, October 8). RTNDA Speech. RTNDA Convention. Lecture conducted from RTNDA, Chicago. Rose, Howard Lester, "Edward R. Murrow: His Life, Legacy and Ethical Influence" (2010). Theses and Professional Projects from the College of Journalism and Mass Communications. Paper 2. http://digitalcommons.unl.edu/journalismdiss/2

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