Joshua Boren 's Law Enforcement Officer Essay

Joshua Boren 's Law Enforcement Officer Essay

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At work, Joshua Boren was a well-respected law enforcement officer, often referred to as a big "teddy bear."
However, in the months following the day that he shot and killed his wife, two children, mother-in-law and himself, investigators unravel a disturbing side of him that he apparently had been battling since childhood.
"Josh was a very troubled individual that felt like he was about to lose his wife and children," the Spanish Fork Police Department wrote in its report into the tragic deaths.
The department completed a 145-page report through a Government Records Access and Management Act request, which provided insight into what motivated Joshua to kill his family and take his own life.
In the report, it alleged that Joshua abused his wife, had a deep hatred for his own mother, and drug, sex and pornography addictions. It also states that Joshua was abused physically, sexually and emotionally as a child, for which he placed blame on his mother for not protecting him against her boyfriends. Joshua’s dad committed suicide when he was five.
Joshua reportedly drugged and raped his wife several times over a two-year period. Each time he drugged her with Ambien, causing her to pass out, and videotaped the event. According to a report written by Joshua’s therapist, his wife did not want to report the rape to police because she did not want to ruin Joshua’s law enforcement career. However, it was not long before the allegations started spreading between Joshua’s sister and friends of Kelly and Joshua.
In a journal that was given to Joshua by his therapist Joshua had written several things about the sexualizing and abuse of women including, "I have a sex addiction,"
"I fantasize regularly about women I see,"
"I 've always hated sex ...

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...When even in modern more progressive times we have those that blame women for mass shootings, make jokes about rape, domestic violence. Alternatively, even the insults we tend to use; pussy, cunt, whimp, etc are used because it is seen to be weak or to be “like women.” Ted Bundy only course may be to become the most prolific serial killer this nation has known or maybe had he not had an entitlement complex he may have been lumped more into the users and drug addict category. Regardless of gender equality, Joshua may have believed his wife to be ill prepared to protect their children; however, it is hard to not see the idea as women as needing protection from being a factor. Sexist entitlement complexes combined with a lack of conscious (psychopathy/sociopathy) is a recipe for disaster and creates serial killers as opposed to people who are just users and criminals.

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