Without Conscience: Book Report

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Without Conscience: Book Report
Psychopaths all have something in common, and that's luring unexpected people in their traps. Its part of human nature to wonder and question the unknown. Psychopaths are a clear example of the unknown with their personalities and behaviors that are far from the norm on a continuum. We wonder what makes them do some of the unimaginable and horrific things to people and/or animals. How could be prevent psychopaths from taking advantage and lessening the harm on the people that they can hurt. Not surprisingly, psychologists are trying to find pinpoints that can protect the psychopath and public from them.
Dr. Robert Hare, a psychologist that dedicated his life to studying and trying to pinpoint the psychopaths decided to publish his work for the public to witness. “Without Conscience: The Disturbing World of the Psychopaths Among Us”, was published by Dr. Hare in 1993. He wanted to bring awareness to the public about psychopaths that affect our day to day lives. The title is fitting for the information that's inside of the book and the cover of the book is just as creepy. The illustration on the cover is of a psychopath's cold eyes, filled with nothing but emptiness staring back at us. The book is non-fiction and is written in a way to catch the general public's attention.
For my book report, I have read and evaluated Dr. Hales book titled Without Conscience: The Disturbing World of Psychopaths Among Us, published by The Guilford Press. The purpose of the book was to bring awareness to psychopaths that live among us and will be describe in farther details in the paper. I will evaluated the purpose, strengths, weakness of the book and include a summarized portion for others to understand.
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... middle of paper ... for others to follow. The book is easy to read and follow for someone that's not in the psychology community. Even, the use of technical jargon is limited with quotes that correlate with each chapter. Some limitations of the book is dealing with psychopaths in general and really understanding the personality disorder. Dr. Hares (1993), “We have to learn how to socialized them, not resocialize them....”. Psychopathy is a area in psychology that needs more attention to help socialized and lessen the collusion.
Identifying the mystery of the psychopath can prove to help the them and the general public. Early awareness of the common psychopaths among us will reduce the impact on society. Further research is still needed to better help the psychopath and the general population.

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