Essay on The Joker From The Dark Knight And Batman

Essay on The Joker From The Dark Knight And Batman

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Many Americans like to watch movies, specifically comic book based movies. Watching super heroes and villains with abnormal powers bring pleasure, excitement to numerous Americans across the country. The Joker is one of the many villains Americans enjoy watching. Movies like The Dark Knight and Batman have been created based on the Batman comic books, though, the villains in both films have a couple similarities and differences. Through analyzing both villains, it can be evident which Joker is more like the original Joker from the Batman comic books. The Joker from Batman and The Joker from The Dark Knight have both similar appearances and behaviors, but are very different when it comes to their goals.
Both films were successful in depicting the appearance and behavior of The Joker from the Batman comic books. The villain in The Dark Knight mostly dressed in a purple suit with a green vest, a brownish tie, and a blue hexagon patterned button up. Likewise The Joker from Batman wore a purple suit with an orange button up, a blue tie, and checkered pants. The antihero of The Dark Knight, had various suits throughout the motion picture like a clean cut, striped, purple suit. As well as an outfit that consisted of a purple jacket, a teal vest, a green button up, a purple bow tie, and a purple hat. Their face makeup was also very much alike in both films. The pair both had white pale skin, with red lips and green hair resembling the appearance of a clown. Both use the general color palette that was used for the Joker from the comic books which included colors like greens, reds, purples, and white. It is important to analyze the likeness in the image of both these characters because these two Jokers both resemble the Joker from the co...

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...l artist”. He also reveals that fact that he seeks power when he says he wants his face on the one dollar bill. The Joker was so crazy that he wanted all of Gotham cities citizens to have been intoxicated with Smilax Gas, the same chemical that gave him his paradigmatic smile.
The Jokers from The Dark Knight and Batman have comparable characteristics such as their appearances and behaviors, as well as differences such as their goals or motives. After this analyzation, it is apparent that The Joker from the movie Batman is more like the original Batman comic books than The Joker from The Dark Knight. While the Joker from 1989 has a more traditional look, behavior, and goals, the joker from 2008 has a new innovative and modern take on these characteristics. These two films had insane, psycotic, and monstrous Jokers, but that is why Americans love this iconic villain.

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