Compare And Contrast The Dark Knight And Batman Begins

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Batman Begins and The Dark Knight Comparison and Contrast Essay.
Any fan of Batman knows that “Batman Begins” and “The Dark Knight” are two of the best Batman films made in the seventy-eight years that Batman has been around. The plots really make you look deep in yourself and show the true and more real sides of the characters of the Batman world. Each movie shows the evolution of Batman and shows only a few of the many crazy and intense adventures of this mysterious hero. These two movies are the first two in the dark knight trilogy, created by the amazing Christopher Nolan. These movies were heavily praised for their astounding realism to the real world, and its pros and cons. But they were also extremely liked for their possibility for
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The plot of Batman Begins mainly focuses on the origins and psychology behind Batman, and how he copes with the struggles he faces. One major thing that changed the course of the story, was the death of the Thomas and Martha Wayne. It formed an emotion change in the story that effects Bruce Wayne and all of Gotham to arise the struggles and problems that will be faced in the rest of the movie. Another key point in the story was the seven-year disappearance of Bruce Wayne. When in the Chinese prison it would also discipline him, which was something that he hadn’t had much of before. The meeting of Ras Al Ghul and his further training were also key experiences to develop Bruce Wayne into Batman. These were the some of the building blocks in the plot. The plot of The Dark Knight was very different to Batman Begins. The main plot is that Batman has limits and Gotham needed a different hero, whereas, in Batman Begins, Batman was the hero and didn’t think he had any limits. The foundation of the Dark Knight was more of what had happened in the few absent years between the two movies, and not what would happen. The…show more content…
Batman Begins has an incredible amount of struggles that not only Bruce Wayne must face but all of Gotham must face. The first of many of these was Thomas and Martha Wayne's sudden death at the beginning. This left both the people of Gotham and Bruce Wayne to struggle along without them “Their deaths galvanized the city into saving itself and Gotham has limped on ever since.” (Batman Begins, Ras Al Ghul, Scene 31) This also created much anger and rage in Bruce Wayne that he released as Batman. There is also the struggle with the crime rate in Gotham and keeping alive the cities slowly falling government. These things differ from the Dark Knight where the struggles are with mainly the Joker and his actions. Many more unexpected and out of control struggles occur in The Dark Knight. The Joker (mastermind terrorist) creates many series of problems and difficulties for Batman, Gordon, Dent, and all of Gotham in general. Another big problem, quite different from the first one is the capturing of Joker. Unlike the first film, the struggles of The Dark Knight are much more external while the first one was fixing what was on Gotham’s internal problems. An example was after Rachel’s death it changed Harvey into an evil person therefore changing the whole ending of the movie, and a lot of the next one. Another big difference between the two films is The Dark Knight has a lot more violence and explosions,

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