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  • The Dark Knight

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    "The Dark Knight" is grimly magisterial. It's a summer blockbuster that contemplates near-total civic disaster: Crowds surge, tractor-trailers flip, and buildings explode, but the pop violence feels heavy, mournful. Light barely escapes the film's gravitational pull. Yet flitting through this 10-ton expressionist murk is a diseased butterfly with stringy hair and a maniacal giggle. Played by a dead actor, he's the most alive thing here. It's not quite fair to say that the late Heath Ledger

  • The Dark Knight

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    I was dressed as a dark knight or rather, what the Knights of the Blooming Orchid thought a dark knight female would dress. My armor was a metallic black with foreign designs inlaid on it. It was strapless, covering my chest, but emphasizing what little cleavage I possessed. The armor continued down to my hips and stopped. The metal was custom-made, only fitting, as well as showing off, the curves of my body. My boots were made of soft, sturdy leather dyed black to match the night. The boots

  • The Dark Knight

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    There were rats in the gloomy room where the gruff man left me alone to suffer in the darkness. They scurried up onto the table, first in one by ones and then in groups, before they began to nibble on my fingers and toes. I was actually grateful to these little, furry angels for the pain kept the insanity back for a while longer. My mate taught me a way to fight off my illness, but his words were so distant it was hard to tell if he said anything to me at all. I was forgetting him and in a way

  • Symbolism In The Dark Knight

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    everywhere.” The Dark Knight, filmed in 2008, illustrates how Batman, with the help of Lieutenant Gordon and District Attorney Harvey Dent, attempted to dismantle the criminal organizations that plague the city streets of Gotham. While Batman is considered the Dark Knight for Gotham because he attempts to bring justice to criminals outside the law, Harvey Dent symbolizes Gotham’s White Knight because he keeps the city safe without having to hide his true identity. Batman is Gotham’s Dark Knight because even

  • The Relatability in The Dark Knight

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    In The Dark Knight, the second film of Christopher Nolan's trilogy, Batman (Christian Bale) teams up with Commissioner Gordon (Gary Oldman) and district attorney Harvey Dent (Aaron Eckhart) to clean up the streets of Gotham City. However, a wrench is thrown into their plans with the appearance of the incredibly disturbed and sadistic criminal known as The Joker (Heath Ledger), who aims to stop their “war on crime” by causing destruction and havoc. He begins his crime spree with a bank robbery and

  • The Dark Knight Film Analysis

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    Christopher Nolan’s The Dark Knight (2008) is representative of key changes in contemporary media conglomerate Hollywood in terms of marketing, distribution, and production because of the steps it took to turn a standard superhero film into a worldwide phenomenon that not only succeeded as a standalone film, but also helped to revitalize an entire franchise, paving the way for many more of its kind. This was accomplished through the breaking of typical marketing trends by utilizing various vigorous

  • The Dark Knight Film Analysis

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    Corrupting The Incorruptible After watching Christopher Nolan’s The Dark Knight, like most people, I enjoyed the well-made movie, without connecting it to reality, thinking that is just another fiction superhero film, where batman shows up in a fashionable ways, beats up criminals, make them look stupid, and saves the day like most previous batman movies, series and comic books. But popular culture reflects society, for example: Steve Schneider said “The 1966 Batman TV series, like most artifacts

  • The Dark Knight Essay Theme

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    The Dark Knight The Dark Knight is a squeal to the Batman Trilogy; billionaire Bruce Wayne finds a bat cave under his well, and figures out that he is Batman. His mission is to save Gotham City from any trouble. After a first successful crime battle, now he has a challenge to take on the vicious Joker. The theme of the starts off by the Joker showing up with school buses with his gang and robbing a bank. Gotham City Police Commissioner Jim Gordon and Batman decided to include the new district attorney

  • Analysis of the Movie, The Dark Knight

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    The Dark knight It’s no joking matter as the knight closes in! Release Date: 25th July 2008 Certificate: 12A Director: Christopher Nolan Starring: Aaron Eckhart, Christian Bale, Gary Oldman, Maggie Gyllenhaal, Michael Caine, Morgan Freeman Batman (Christian Bale) is hoping to hand on his crime fighting duties to D.A Harvey Dent (Aaron Eckhart) yet when Batman’s cards are on the table the twisted mastermind who goes by the name of the joker (Heath Ledger), forces the masked vigilante to go

  • Analysis Of The Dark Knight Rises

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    The third installment of Christopher Nolan’s Batman trilogy starts eight years after The Dark Knight ends, while Batman is still struggling with the defeat he suffered at the hands of the Joker. Early on in The Dark Knight Rises, it is made clear that Bruce Wayne, the hero whom is better known as Batman, has hung up his cape and turned into a recluse. At a social event at the Wayne mansion, Gotham’s mayor, city commissioner, police chief, and other high profile officials are all seen remembering