John Keats 's Poetry And The Events Of His Life Essay

John Keats 's Poetry And The Events Of His Life Essay

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John Keats

Like many poets, John Keats had a very troubling and traumatic life which is seen in his poetry. Death and many other troubles caused him to have a life that would make anyone would feel horrible in. John Keats’ poetry has many dark recurring themes. One speculation was that his poetry was an escape from his melancholy life. There were many aspects to Keats’ life that seemed to motivate him to write his poetry. Therefore there were clear connection between his works of poetry and the events of his life.
John Keats was on born October 31 1795 in Moorgate, London. His parents were Thomas and Francis Keats. He was the oldest of four children. Keats’ was described as a volatile character, "always in extremes",(Delaney 17), and given to indolence and fighting. However, at 13 he began to focus his energy on reading and study, winning his first academic prize in the mid summer of 1809. Keats was very bright for his age. Keats’s first personal tragedy took place when he was just eight years old. In April of 1804 John’s father died of a skull fracture from a horse accident. Keats was very distraught about his father’s death. He became even more confused when his mother married soon after. Six years later his mother passed away falling ill to tuberculosis;
Keats was only 15 years old. Keats nursed his mom until her death. Because he was so close with his mom before her death Keats became very distraught over his mother 's death. The death of one 's parents at an early age can easily affect one 's state of mind when growing up. (Delaney 16)
John Keats was about 18 or 19 years old when he started to write poetry.On October 2 1815, he was registered at Guy 's Hospital, where he was to continue his studies as a medical practiti...

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...soon. Lines in the poems like the ones above, and many others show how Keats’ hard life was conveyed into his poetry, specifically “Ode to a Nightingale”. This can be seen as a direct correlation between the depressing themes in his poetry and his depressing life. (Keats, Delaney, Thorp)
In conclusion John Keats, a wonderful poet used his incredible skills to link his life with his poetry. His recurring themes of sadness and pain can be related to his very troubling short life. Deaths in his family, heartbreak and pre-determined illnesses can made Keats become a very dark and depressed person. But, Keats did something amazing. He took all of his sadness and troubles and poured them into his writing to create beautiful poetry such as “Ode to a Nightingale”. It’s unfortunate that Keats died so young at 25. Keats could have created many more beautiful works of poetry.

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