Compare And Contrast Percy Shelley And The Sublime/Beautiful

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Jordyn Allen 7 May 2015 British Literature Final Percy Shelley & The Sublime/Beautiful: Percy Shelley is an author of the Romantic era whom which best depicts the relationship and connectivity of the two most adverse elements represented as a core to the Romantic intellect: the sublime and the beautiful.Percey Shelley expresses the junction of these two elements through the intellect and imagination of the human mind, as well as through nature and its fundamentals. This phenomenon may be most recognizable within the works of Mont Blanc, Hymn to Intellectual Beauty, and Ode to a West Wind. Mont Blanc illustrates the effect of nature within human mind and soul. “The everlasting universe of things flows through the human mind, and rolls its William Wordsworth is easily understood as a main author whom expresses the element of nature within his work. Wordsworth’s writings unravel the combination of the creation of beauty and sublime within the minds of man, as well as the receiver through naturalism. Wordsworth is known to be self-conscious of his immediate surroundings in the natural world, and to create his experience with it through imagination. It is common to point out Wordsworth speaking with, to, and for nature. Wordsworth had a strong sense of passion of finding ourselves as the individuals that we truly are through nature. Three poems which best agree with Wordsworth’s fascination with nature are: I Wandered as a Lonely Cloud, My Heart leaps up, and Composed upon Westminster Bridge. In I Wandered as a Lonely Cloud, Wordsworth claims that he would rather die than be without nature, because life isn’t life without it, and would be without the true happiness and pleasure nature brings to man. “So be it when I shall grow old, Or let me Bronte wrote Jane Eyre to emphasize her beliefs behind the purpose of women, and how society lacked to understand them as who they were created to be. The issue of lack of opportunity for women to engage in intellectual preparation and continuation is prevalent within the character of Jane. Expectation of women’s role was a social norm, with a lack of diversity or individuality. Bronte challenges this issue through the character of Jane, whom experiences a tug-of-war sensation between being herself, who she wants to be and should be, and what society wants her to be, and pushes her to be. Bronte was trying to explain that women have the same capability as men to be productive individuals of society, but they are held back from establishing their potential. The most unique understanding of Bronte’s challenge to society is the understanding that the characteristics and personality of Jane as a female is shamed and criticized, however these features are identical to those of a successful and representable man in

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