When I Have Fears That I May Cease To Be By John Keats Analysis

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John Keats is an early nineteenth century Romantic poet. In his poem “When I have Fears that I May Cease to Be,” Keats makes excellent use of a majority of poetry elements. This sonnet concentrates merely on his fear of death and his reasons for fearing it. Though Keats’ emphasizes his greatest fear of death, he offers his own resolution by asserting that love and fame lacks any importance. Keats uses articulate wording to exemplify his tone, while using images, figures of speech, symbols, and allegory to illustrate his fear of death. His use of rhythm, sounds, and patters also contribute to his concentration of fear and the effects on his life. As one of the most famous Romantic poets, John Keats utilizes the elements of poetry in “When I Have Fears that I May Cease to Be” to convey his fears and allow the reader to realize how much these fears affect him.
John Keats employs word choices and word order to illustrate his contemplative and sympathetic tone. The tone could be interpreted as pessimistic and depressing because the majority of the poem focuses on Keats’ fear of death. However, if the reader views the last two lines of the poem in light which brings redemption, one might see that Keats merely wants to express the importance of this dominant fear in his life. He does not desire for his audience to focus on death, but to realize that man does not have control of when it comes. The poet uses poetic diction, a popular technique of the early nineteenth century. The poem also demonstrates formal diction that Keats is often known for. Although Keats meant for most of his words to interpret with denotative meanings, he does present a few examples of allusion and connotation. His connotations include “teeming,” defined as plen...

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...s. In this sonnet, Keats describes his three biggest reasons to fear death in the quatrains and then resolves in the couplet that his reasons will not matter when he comes to the point of death.
“When I Have Fears” effectively demonstrates the elements of poetry, creating a poem that causes the reader to think in depth about his life. Keats describes his own reasons for fearing death in a way that causes the reader to reflect on death and its effects. He does so by using symbols, images, comparisons, and sounds to generate a thoughtful mood in his audience. The tone he uses throughout the poem also contributes to the effectiveness it has on its readers. Concentrating on fame, love, and death, Keats organizes the elements of poetry into a formal sonnet that expresses the reasons behind his fear of death and urges his audience to contemplate on that same fear.
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