Job Analysis : Job Data Collection Essay

Job Analysis : Job Data Collection Essay

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A) Job data collection :
There are five main methods of job data collections.
1) Registration
2) Questionnaires
3) Interviews
4) Direct observations
5) Reporting
Concept of job analysis : A job may be define as sum total of task, duties and responsibilities which is organised by individual employee. after define a job HR manager needs to under take job analysis. Job analysis is the begaining of recruitment and selection. It is an efficient procedure of gathering and contemplating data about the different employment in the association.
Process involved in job analysis :
For job analysis first of all need to identify the purpose of job analysis. Why it is required? For what purpose? who will do the job analysis and how they do job analysis? After deciding this make strategic decision and give training to job analyst to perform their task if he or she is new for this task. before starting job analysis preparation of process is necessary. once these all procedure done than begin information gathering of specific roll. collected data documented for the verification process and review process. after doing all these exercise start to developing job description for a particular roll and specified details of the requirement candidates.
Purpose of job analysis :
Why Job analysis required?
Job analysis required for recruitment and selection, performance analysis , compensation management, job design and redesigning, enrichment and enlargement, training and development need analysis.
Job analysis is the process of gathering and recording valid information about specific job and the attributes which a job holders requires for successful job performance. (Bruson J., & Foley, M., (2013) in managing people MGMT 304).Job analy...

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...for its outcome.( M. , Arijit, V. , Luis, in the Journals of Economics 42.1 ( Spring 2011)).We resisist with sequencial tasks and outcomes externalities from different perspective extending schmize (Pi, Jiancai , Economics letters ( Nov 2014 )). Well outline occupation prompts fantastic execution high inspiration, high fulfillment and low absuntisum.(Baron E. , Benoliel M. , Bourne M. , Bourne P. , Doke D. , Hobbs P. , Hua W. , Hunsakar J. , Hunsakar P. , Lapin R. , O’Rourke J. , Pincus A. , The Books of Management (2010)). Job design creating an alignment between individual and organisational goal and consider how much the incumbent is willing and able to perform (Hartel C. , Fujimoto Y. in Human Resource Management (2015)).
As per my point of view, best practice of job design are to check how to done process to perform the work to achieve organisational goal.

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