Jean Piaget 's Influence On The Field Of Childhood Development Essay

Jean Piaget 's Influence On The Field Of Childhood Development Essay

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At one point, every living creature was once an infant; however, this stage in life is a focus for researchers to gain a deeper understanding of the human experience. Infancy is often defined as the time between birth and two years of age. During this time infants go through several psychological developments such as object permanence and facial recognition. Along with these psychological developments, infants’ brains also expand rapidly to accommodate the inpour of social information.
Jean Piaget has been a critical influence in the field of childhood development. Piaget was a Swiss clinical psychologist that lived from 1896 to 1980. He claimed that there are four basic developmental stages throughout the human lifespan; however, the first stage of sensorimotor contains crucial achievements for the other three to successfully develop. In the first year of life one major psychological development is object permanence. Object permanence is the ability for infants to understand that objects continue to exists even when out of the line of sight and can be found once again. Piaget has not been the only one interested in this specific development, in fact, researchers have even defined object permanence differently while conducting their experiments. Most test this phenomenon in a specific test room where the infant experiences different circumstances. The object is hidden to various degrees and the infant either shows or fails to show signs of understanding the object’s location (Moore & Meltzoff, 2004). The less signs they show, the less object permanence they have developed and generally, the younger they are.
Until recently, studies focused upon object permanence let the infants search almost immediately after the object was mov...

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...of the brain are responsible for certain aspects of psychological developments will also allow for a better understanding of how to help infants with deficiencies in these regions and support their parents appropriately.
Overall, the developments that occur during infancy is a fascination of many and is the foundation of numerous other developments that arise during later stages of life. There is an overwhelming amount of changes that transpire within the first few years of life, both psychologically and physically including the development of object permanence, facial recognition, and social brain growth. To make sense of these early developments, many researchers have provided ground-breaking results even from an experiment that may seem quite similar to well-known and documented ones. This allows even foundational theories and applications to continuously evolve.

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