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Jean Piaget was a major contributor to the world of psychology and sociology that we know today. His works and discoveries still help sociologist determine and figure out ways people in society interact and develop throughout time. Piaget was born on August 9, 1896 and was raised in Neuchâtel, Switzerland (Boeree n.d.). His family was very influential to his success. His father was a historian that authored many writings on the medieval times, and his mother was very intellectual and kind, however, she had a mental health problem that pushed Piaget to become interested in psychology (Presnell 1999). He became an enthused and determined scholar at a young age. Piaget’s early interests were of zoology (Jean Piaget n.d.). At age eleven, he published his notes and findings of a rare albino sparrow. This was the first of many articles that Piaget would write. They ended up in many famous journals and magazines. In these articles he kept his age a secret due to young authors having little credibility (Jean Piaget Biography n.d.). He also studied and focused mainly on his favorite subject of mollusks. During high school he was granted a part-time job at Neuchâtel’s Museum of Natural History where he helped classify and study their collection of mollusks (Boeree n.d.). He was exceptionally good at his job that after he graduated, he was offered a job at a history museum in Geneva, Switzerland, but he refused in order to continue his education at Neuchâtel University (Jean Piaget Biography n.d.). At age 22, Piaget graduated from the University of Neuchâtel with a Ph.D. in Science. Soon after his graduation, Piaget stated to become interested in psychology (Presnell 1999)
Piaget directed many successful studies of childhood psychology th...

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