Jazz During the Roaring Twenties Essay

Jazz During the Roaring Twenties Essay

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The Roaring Twenties were a time of prosperity, happiness, liveliness, and new ways. One of the many new ideas that were introduced was jazz music. Jazz fit the atmosphere perfectly, with it's upbeat and exciting sounds. Although jazz seemed to be a new world-wide obsession, there were people who saw it in a different light, one that was a lot darker, perhaps even evil. These people had negative opinions about the music, and saw it as a, "cause of loosening morals and frightening dislocation". The different generations had completely different views on the rapid change, and both views were just as correct, but only one was logical. The music brought change, freedom, and brought black America together with white America.
Jazz was positive music, with uplifting sounds and relatable lyrics. People who listened to it could relate to the words being sung and felt happier afterwards. The other side of the debate, though, felt as though the music was bringing on a new era, one that they were not comfortable with. Understandably so, because change is never easy. This group of people were "fearful of such rapid change and nostalgic for the small-town America" that they had once known. They had become used to quiet, conservative times, which were now changing due to the "noise" we call jazz. There is reason enough to not want to change, but to have such a negative outlook on a new life is never the answer. Change is inevitable, therefore it should've been expected. With a new generation will always come a new something, new music, new trends, new anything. For the people who enjoyed jazz, this change brought an abundance of positivity. They could happily listen to the music that would define generation.
Millions of teenagers in America we...

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...came from jazz's popularity was positive. Although some people were not happy with it, it improved so many people's lives in such drastic ways that it can not be viewed as "evil" music. With every new age group there will come change, and the people before it will not be as accepting. If you look through a timeline of, say, music, you will notice that as time has gone on, the music has gotten more sexual, more outgoing, more "evil", noisier, even stupider. Each generation needs something to set them apart, and to one-up the previous one. It is a natural way of life, proven by history. Jazz also helped many people in the years to come, the depression years, by uplifting their spirits. The pros of jazz music surely outweigh the cons, which makes it clear that the negative aspects of the music are only based off opinions, and the positive ones are based off facts.

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