The, It Takes Another Sense Nowadays By Kathryn Edin And Maria Kefalas Essay

The, It Takes Another Sense Nowadays By Kathryn Edin And Maria Kefalas Essay

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While marriage was synonym of childbearing and childrearing, in the 1950’s, it takes another sense nowadays. Kathryn Edin and Maria Kefalas study this new trend within poor young mothers. Specifically, they stress the importance of parenthood over matrimony in these poor neighborhoods. Edin and Kefalas explain how young mothers perceive the erstwhile correlation between marriage and parenthood. This divergent way of thinking throughout social classes and ethnic is analyzed in their book, Promises I Can Keep.
The purpose of their book is to underline the different impacts of social class and race over family life, especially in children’s lives as well as marriage. Poor young women tend to choose to have babies first during their “late teens and mid-twenties” (109) even though they know “it is not the best way to do things” (65) because they wish to take care of someone with whom they will share a strong bond. The authors point out that poor youth tends to have a common dream concerning children and tend to have unprotected sex to express their trust.
While strangers judged this behavior as being “irresponsible and self-destructive” (47), young mothers associate abortion to an “easy way out” (45); the pressure of society and their community push young couples to keep the child. Their pregnancies are “not planned (or) avoided” (37) and even though they have full access to means of prevention, they are not using them.
Pregnancies can also be a way out of conflicts arising at home and therefore give the young couple’s freedom back or it can be a way to show society they succeed in motherhood. Parents tend to be socially isolated, too so they express their feelings towards their partner by accepting his or her desire of having a bab...

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...ol while, more generally, for Caucasian and African American mothers, marriage tends to damage a relationship more than it enhances it. However, the survey also expresses that African American mothers are more eager to value marriage than others. Finally, concerning the variety of opinions, not only ethnicity matters but also ages. The youngest mother 's dream of the perfect marriage, albeit, the oldest, who acquired a set of experiences through their lives, are more reticent towards it.
Maybe young couples tend to marry prematurely after “a few months” (118) of flat share when they should wait “four or five years” (123) to reach both a personal and relational maturity within their couple. By that time, “you know him and he knows you” (121). The separation of childbearing and marriage is due to the change in mindset and social economic situation within the society.

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