Essay on Issues With The Education System

Essay on Issues With The Education System

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Issues with the Education System
The education system in the United States lacks effectiveness. In fact, the United States is ranked 17th globally in education. Considering that the U.S. is one of the richest and most powerful countries on the planet, the low education ranking is unacceptable. However, the United States government has only itself to blame for the terrible education system. Tragically, the issues with our education system is not a quick fix problem. Three factors contribute to our horrid educational system: high stakes testing, poverty, and funding.
High stakes testing is the most damaging practice. Due to high stakes testing, teachers are forced to focus less on promoting knowledge and creativity, and more on preparing students to perform well on standardized tests. This practice leaves promising students feeling bored and unfulfilled as a learner. Not only does the issue affect the commitment of the students, it affects the teachers as well. Due to high stakes testing, skilled and passionate teachers often leave the field for careers where they themselves can feel stimulated and fulfilled as well. Creative teachers often find themselves disgusted by teaching tests rather than students, and seek different careers. In addition, some highly intelligent, creative, and promising students happen to be poor test takers. Even when poor test takers have an exhaustive understanding of the information they often fail tests due to test anxiety. Measuring test-taking ability rather than learning is not fair to poor test takers, nor to the teachers that educate them. The former U.S. Assistant Secretary of Education Diane Ravitch once said, “Sometimes, the most brilliant and intelligen...

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...y as many resources as possible to the people and systems that play a huge role in ensuring a bright future for our country.
Several problems plague public schools today, but identifying those problems is half the battle. Problems such as high stakes testing, poverty and a lack of funding are the identifiable problems. While these problems may not be easy to fix they are not insurmountable. While these critical issues may not stem from a single force, they do primarily affect a very important single group: students. Shouldn’t it be the duty of citizens of the United States to help their children grow in a way that will allow them to create a better United States for future generations? It is not too late, now it the time for parents, educators, lawmakers, taxpayers, and politicians to agree on the importance of uniting to solve the issues facing our education system.

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