The Issues Of K 12 Essay

The Issues Of K 12 Essay

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The purpose of this literature review is to observe and study an assign case study on the “Issues of K-12” based on research. From research on the issues, Common Core State Standards and the stakeholders involve there are many questions that have occur such as are these standards developmentally appropriate enough for young learners? Would the standards also effect Head Start children? And with the new Common Core State standards what affect would it have on parents and families? As an Early Childhood educator I have seen a lot of parents lose interest in their child’s education because it was even too complicated for them to understand how children was learning through the standards. The changes of these new standards will highly affect the low income communities and the way children learn and think. Majority of this research is pulled from online articles and journals that focus on Common Core State Standards and matters of early childhood education.
Common Core State Standard are changing the entire outlook when it comes to teaching and learning in early childhood. In early childhood education there are domains of development (cognitive, social/emotional, intellectual, physical, and language), that must meet the needs of these standards as well. “In 2012, the National Association for the Education of Young Children recognized that the Common Core State Standards presented cause for both opportunity and concern. But as early educators implemented the standards in classrooms, they expressed concern that the standards are not appropriate for young children” (NAEYC (2012). In the NAEYC (2012). The common core state standards: caution and opportunity for early childhood education article, it was mainly suggesting that many of th...

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...hers, education specialists, and administrators as far as what is working for the students and what is not.
In conclusion with the Common Core State Standards in place many schools may anticipate that new K-4 and K-5 students to already be prepared for the standards through Head Start. From research, findings show that childhood children need time to develop in all domains (NAEYC, 2012). Head Start works with low income families and shows effort on progressing in all the domains of learning, which is necessary for school readiness as defined by the NEGP. As Common Core State Standard are continuing to be reconsider and planned out in hundreds of schools, with further input and research could then help the State Department of Education, specialist, and teachers know whether they are having an effect on achieving goals and guaranteeing a great future for all students.

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