The Issue of the Preservation/Protection of the Environment Essay

The Issue of the Preservation/Protection of the Environment Essay

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There are those individuals who are of the view that the environment should take precedence over any proposed economic developmental projects because of its necessity to human survival. On the other hand, there are those who believe it should be the other way around, because if a country is not economically feasible, then it won’t be able to survive and protect its environment. The controversial issue or question at hand is whether environmental concerns should outweigh economic advantages when approval is being considered for projects in developing countries?
There are those that believe that developing countries are too weak economically to comply with environmental concerns. Therefore, they believe that proposed economic development projects should take precedence over the environment. Economist, Ronald Mason (2014) in his article titled ‘Screeching Environmentalists’ “believes that developing countries are plagued by rampant poverty, and as such do not have the resources for their people to be able to prosper while protecting the environment” (p.A9).
To validate his claim he described a poverty stricken situation in which he witnessed, after he was taken to the slums of Kingston by a past employee of the Kingston Harbour. According to Mason (2014), what brought tears to his eyes was the living conditions, “ zinc sheets tattered and rusty, pans filled with dirt for bed posts, pallet boards nailed for bed frame and bags stuffed with grass for mattress on a dirt floor”(p.A9).
It is because of poverty stricken situations like this why Mr. Mason is taking the stance that developing countries cannot afford to miss out on economic investments because of the low standard of living that exists. This view has particular merit wit...

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... to play in the sustainability of humanity.

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