The Issue Of The Banking Concept Essay

The Issue Of The Banking Concept Essay

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How many equations, subjects, and dates did you memorize just before an exam never to use again? Today’s society is in a digital age where our youth and most of our older generations are swept up by technology. We are so swept up by the latest online games like Candy Crush, or GTA 5 that we don’t realize what is happening. We are being a part of a bigger issue. We are the banking concept. The banking concept can be described as what it is, banking. We accept the knowledge that is given to us but we don’t use it. The person depositing the knowledge is the one using the information when needed. Put it into school: the professors teach the student but the student does not use that information until the professor asks for the information later for a quiz or a test. We are being oppressed into thinking learning by the professor teaching and us learning is the only way. Professors oppress and students and the oppressors learning only what the curriculum teaches. The digital society that we live in is making it easier for the banking concept to be used. There is no back and forth with the student and teacher, so how do we know the student is actually accepting the knowledge if all we do is feed it to them. In the perfect education system, we would use both the Banking system and Problem posing.
We live in a digital society. We are either on the computer looking up cat videos, on our phones getting updates on Facebook about something useless, or we are watching Television learning what the Kardashians have done lately. We live in such a world that all of this is normal and nobody bats an eye. But what we aren’t noticing is that we are learning. That cat video that we are watching will show us how to play with our cats properly, that use...

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...e student will have no idea what the date is. But with today’s technology the student will pull out his phone and know the date in the matter of seconds. We don’t need to learn anymore when we can just pull out a simple device in our pockets and know more about it and the internet than our own lives. We are connected to the internet 24/7. We are connected with millions of people all over the world without even leaving our beds. Problem posing is used to engage with others so that everyone learns from each other. We are all different in our own way and being oppressed by the banking system is no way to get knowledge. Going out and experiencing situations first hand is the way to learn. Take Schrödinger 's cat for example. We will never know if the cat is dead or alive without opening the box. We will not know what system of learning is better without trying out both.

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